4 Composition Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

4 Composition Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

4 Composition Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

When viewing the images created by the best photographers in the world, it is difficult not to think: “Wow, that’s a perfect shot.”

The thing is, it took a lot of time and effort to this photographer can get the picture to make it good.

And, ultimately, if you ask the photographer in his image, I doubt he is said to have been perfect anyway.

The fact is that we all make mistakes as photographers. The trick to minimize these errors.

Here are some common mistakes that beginner photographers create and what needs to be done to solve them.

Mistake # 1: Cutting out body parts

IStock image 678776262 min

View photos of a beginner photographer, just like the previous one, and you will often see that a person’s body parts are doing (like the man’s leg).

The same goes for other issues as well – the corner of a building is missing or the top of a tree looks like it is cut.

This is not a good look …

Usually, this error is simply the result of having no trained eye to check the edges of the frame. Other times, it is simply pressing the process of cooking composition.

Instead of having discovered the people and things in your photos, take a few extra seconds to see their limits.

If you find that the grandfather’s hand is removed or the top of the mountain extends beyond the top of the frame, you compose the image to include these features.

IStock image 544358286 min

If you are in a situation where you have to cut something, be deliberate about it.

For example, if you take an image and do not want to include feet of the person, trim the image to the middle of the thigh, as we have seen previously.

If you want your upper body in the shooting, culminez above the waist.

When framing the shot, avoid breaking points, where the seals are. This helps to avoid training both strangers, as if a part of the body or function was missing.

Mistake # 2: Do not check background

IStock image 484049872 min

I took a picture of my family years ago when we were vacationing in Alberta, and at first it was a winner.

After further examination, however, there was a tree just behind my father, so it looked like the tree was growing out of his head.

This happened because I was focused only on the issues – my family – and not much time to see what happened once in the shooting.

It’s an easy mistake to make because at the moment, try to make your portrait subject as good as possible.

Of course, they have a tree that protrudes from the head (or their neck, as in the picture above), they are not going to be beautiful …


The easiest way to overcome this error is to reduce the speed for a moment to take the shot and inspect the background, as it should inspect the edges of the frame.

If you find that there is something strange behind the subject, all you have to do is take a step or two to the left or right, or maybe move your camera more or less to change perspective.

It is also an easy solution you will find!

More information on finding nice backgrounds for portraits in the video above Matt Granger.

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