ND Filter Buying Guide

ND Filter Buying Guide

ND Filter Buying Guide

He says he will draw in the day and find a beautiful scene to shoot, to find that the phone can not handle the dynamic range.

This often happens when the foreground is cast in the shade but the background is well lit

If you take photos with a DSLR camera, you can use the graduated ND filter to balance the light and dark areas.

Foto Diysunglassesfilterexample min

But if you have your phone?

Easy! Simply put your sunglasses on the phone (which helps if you have a gradient), and that’s it, you have a shot that has improved the dynamic range.


Min image Diypinhole

Back in the day, pinhole was the way to go.

The appearance of an old pine camera is too cold not to try the modern technology.

Photo Diypinholeexample min

It’s very simple – just create a hole in a piece of cardboard.

Then hold the cardboard front of your phone’s lens, making sure to align the hole with the lens.

The result is an amazing old school photo!

3D frame

Photo Diytinyframe min

If you want to give some depth to the photos from your smartphone, add a frame inside a frame shot will do.

Just hold the glass before the subject is framed, make sure that a part of the subject “leaks” on the front of the frame, and that all the size you need.

And do not worry about not having your fingers as a part …

Photo Diytinyframeexample min

Your fingers on the shot really helps to give more depth image.

In addition, the shot adds another element of fantasy!

Tiny Planet

Diytinyplanet Photo Min

Phones are perfect for many photographic adventures, even taking panoramic views.

But if you want to create a new take a photo, make a small planet.

Photo Diytinyplanetexample min

Just download a small application on the planet, use the controls to manipulate the view, and you have a photo that has a steep gradient quality.

In addition, everyone can make an overview … why not include?

High key portrait

Photo Diyhighkey min

Who knew you could use your smartphone to create creative and important portraits?

Simply place a black card in the camera on your mobile device.

Then press and hold the button to lock the exposure. This will allow the camera to believe that the scene is dark, it wants to clarify the image.

Photo Diyhighkeyexample min

Then remove the card, draw the shooting of your portrait subject and shoot.

You will have a bright, high-key look, which is certainly not the typical smartphone portrait!

Acting autofoto

Photo Diyinception min

Another fun way to be creative with your smartphone camera is to start autofoto.

Just take pictures of some problems …

Photo Diyinceptionexample min

Then use these images an image from a photographic image.

You need a second smartphone, of course, but if you can get a friend to have fun, you can create stunning pictures of this type.

DIY projector

Image diyprojecteur min

Well, this trick is not to take pictures with your phone, but it is very good.

Take a cardboard box and a lens for your DSLR.

Cut a hole in the case to house the lens and snap the lens in place with tape.

Place the phone in the box, making sure it is upside down and the screen facing the camera.

Foto Diyprojectorexample min

Start the movie on your phone, close the box, and you have a DIY projector! Funny, right?

These are some photo cuts of outstanding smartphones.

Try one or try to see what kind of fun you can have with nothing but a few articles for home and phone!

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