This is the Most Underrated Camera Gear You Own

This is the Most Underrated Camera Gear You Own

This is the Most Underrated Camera Gear You Own

If you had to guess what the most underestimated photographic equipment in your bag, what would you say?

This is your wide angle lens? Is the filter set? Your 5 in 1 reflector package?

I dont know …

It’s your tripod!

Never a support of photography was more underestimated your confidence and tripod resistant.

Here is why.

This makes your images sharper

IStock image 463554573 min

As much as you can, you can not simply take a camera, a tripod can accompany.

This is especially true at slower shutter speeds (more on this later).

When the camera is placed on a sturdy tripod, not only the camera is not that important, but you are free to focus on other components of a particular image, such as getting adequate depth of field and nails at home.

Also, during these windy days when you want to get a picture or a landscape photograph, tripod will give you the stability you need to get these kinds of plans with clear and accurate results.

With features such as central column hooks, rubber feet and retractable metal nails, today tripods have all sorts of image sharpening capabilities.

This makes its better composition

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I can not even tell you how many times I jumped out of the car for a quick shot of beautiful scenery, but to discover later that the image I checked briefly after taking it was not as good as I thought.

In other words, when I throw my shots, they squeeze the air. And rash images are rarely very good.

When using a tripod, you are forced to slow down a bit.

Image Siruiw1204 More about sealing carbon fiber tripod Sirui W-1204

Within 20 seconds, I lifted my tripod, I can better investigate the scene I want to shoot.

And once the tripod is set up with the camera on top, I have an easier time framing and aligning the shot and getting the right horizon bar.

Of course, using a tripod is a bit more work and requires a little more time, but using a tripod also helps you get better photos.

What I do not like?

You can take long exposures

IStock image 108128410 min

If you still jump into the field of long exposure photography, you are out.

It’s a fun way to film a reason why you can create really awesome blur effects – clouds, milky water, etc.

Of course, shooting with exposures of a few seconds or minutes is impossible without a tripod …

In this sense, the tripod not only allows you to extend the exposure time far beyond what you could handle when taking your camera, it also extends your creative capabilities.

With a tripod, you can take a 30-second exposure to breaking waves on a beach, a second exposure of 10 to a waterfall or a 2-minute exposure with a ND filter cloud above a city skyline.

Can work in low light conditions

IStock image 181878914 min

Today’s cameras have improved ISO performance ever, and this opens up new worlds of low-light photography for every Tom, Dick and Harry, who has a camera.

But here is the thing …

As for your camera on a tripod, you should not rely too much on the camera’s incredible ISO performance.

Instead, you can lengthen the shutter speed as stated, minimize ISO to reduce digital noise and get a cleaner image than if you increase the ISO and shoot the handheld device.

In other words, it is not only capable of shooting in low-light situations; It is also helping your camera to be as efficient as possible.

By doing this, you get better photos!

You can create videos with a time span

IStock image 667802156 min

Another of the creative activity tripods open for you is real-time videos.

Of course, since deadlines are compiled from a series of individual doses taken over a long period of time, it is impossible to create a delay while holding the camera.

Sure, you can sit on the roof of your car or on a fence post, but without installation it will give your camera the same stable base as a tripod.

Heck, with a tripod, you can even tackle a full videography and get real-time video smooth and clear.

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